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What are your expectations when working with OTRA?
This is the question we asked our customers.
All answer us:

"Live in a comfortable, healthy and economical place".

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

OTRA has implemented a strategy of global solutions in ecological insulation and finishes to achieve the requested objective.

Our expertise and know-how for more than 20 years allows us to have what is best on the market in terms of comfort and energy saving results.

At the end of the work, our customers find themselves in a healthy environment, with exceptional and lasting comfort.

The solutions put in place allow our customers to benefit in addition to the insulation premium , the SUR-premium of 25% for the installation of labeled bio-based materials.

Labeled biobased materials have been recognized for their added value, which is why there is additional support for the use of these.

Notre expertise et savoir faire depuis plus de 20 ans permet d'avoir ce qui ce fait de mieux sur le marché en terme de confort et de résultat d'économie d'énergie.


En fin de chantier nos clients se retrouvent dans environnement sains, avec un confort hors du commun et durable.

Les solutions mises en places permettent à nos clients de bénéficier de la prime à l'isolation de la région wallonne,
+ de la SUR-prime de 25%
pour la pose de matériaux biosourcés labellisés par nos soins. 


Les matériaux biosourcés labellisés ont étés reconnus pour leurs valeurs ajoutées, c'est pourquoi il y a une aide supplémentaire de 25% du montant de la prime à l'utilisation de de ceux-ci.


Exterior insulation

The thermal insulation of the walls from the outside of a building makes it possible to benefit from a very good waterproofing, and to eliminate thermal bridges, the ITE has the advantage of giving the dwellings homogeneity and temperature stability. in winter as in summer


Floor insulation

The thermal insulation of the floors and floors will provide additional comfort and will save money

OTRA ITI - isolation intérieur en chaux-

Interior insulation

The thermal insulation of the walls from the inside, makes it possible not to modify the appearance of the facade and to provide additional water comfort

OTRA - étanchéité - frais-vapeur - SIGA
Air Control

Sealing É IT Y

Airtightness plays a key role for successful and durable insulation.

OTRA - isolation toiture Gramitherm

Roof insulation

The main heat losses are through the roof. Up to 60% losses. It is therefore essential to insulate its roof or attic

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

OTRA - cuvelage à la chaux hydraulique o

Building pathologies

Moisture, salts and mold can be a source of discomfort or a health and structural danger. Identifying and analyzing problems to solve them in a relevant way is the key to the success of your isolation